Workshop: Challenges for Swiss Amplifier and Delivery Fibers

Mittwoch/Wednesday, 09.12.2015, BUAS Burgdorf

The SNFL Swiss National Fiber Laboratory presents:
Workshop: Challenges for Swiss Amplifier and Delivery Fibers

Wednesday / Mittwoch 9. Dezember 2015
12:30 - 19:00
Prior to this workshop the Swissphotonics General Assembly (GA) will be held. For further informations please use the following link: Swissphotonics GA

12:30 Registration and Lunch, Sponsoring Swissphotonics
13:30 Talks
15:30 Tabletop Exhibition, Networking Coffee, Sponsoring Swissphotonics
16:00 Talks
17:00 Working groups
18:00 Apéro riche, Sponsoring Swissphotonics

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Bern University of Applied Sciences BUAS
Berner Fachhochschule BFH-TI
Pestalozzistrasse 20
3400 Burgdorf BE

This Workshop free of charge
including Lunch, Break and Apéro.

Registration compulsory
Deadline: December 4, 2015
(Link on top of the page)

Contact Bern University of Applied Sciences BUAS
Prof. Dr. Valerio Romano

Contact Swissphotonics
Dr. Christoph S. Harder
President Swissphotonics
+41 79 219 90 51

Beni Muller, 30th December 2015
Icon Registration
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Icon Speakerlist (PDF) (2.86 MB)
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Peter Brunner; Head R&D, Bern University of Applied Sciences BUAS, Biel/Bienne BE Welcome from BUAS Icon (37 KB) 
Dr. Christoph Harder; President Swissphotonics, Wollerau SZ Info on Horizon 2020 calls
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Dr. Emile Dupont; Innovation & Technology Consultant, EUresearch Head Office, Bern Enterprise Europe Network Icon Dupont (1.06 MB) 
Dr. Andrea Braglia; CEO at OPI Photonics srl, Torino, Italy Innovative fiber cables for short laser pulse delivery Icon Braglia (1.56 MB) 
Prof. Dr. Valerio Romano; ALPS, BUAS, Burgdorf BE Capabilities (technology and commercial) of the Swiss granulated silica fiber research effort Icon Romano (1.86 MB) 
Prof. Camille-Sophie Brès; Head of Photonic Systems Laboratory PHOSL, EPFL Lausanne VD Performance and outlook for isolator-free 2 micron fiber lasers Icon Brès (1.84 MB) 
Prof. Dr. Fabien Sorin; Laboratory of Photonic Materials and Fiber Devices FIMAP, EPFL Lausanne VD Promises of multi-material fiber developed at EPFL Icon Sorin (8.77 MB) 
Dr. François Caloz; Head of int. standardization at Diamond SA, Losone Ti Tabletop Exhibition High power optical fiber connectivity for photonics applications Icon (37 KB) 
André Galliker; Managing Director ii-vi Suisse Sàrl, Romanel-sur-Morge VD Tabletop Exhibition Icon (37 KB) 
Dr. Ulrich Dürr; Technical Consultant and Chairman of the board of Meridian AG, Thun BE Market Requirements for next Generation Fiberlaser for Medical Application Icon Dürr (3.33 MB) 
Dr. Lukas Krainer; CEO and Co-Founder of Onefive GmbH, Zürich Market requirements for a short pulse delivery fiber and amplifer fibers Icon Krainer (1.78 MB) 
Dr. Claus Dold; Head Process Technologies, Product Manager Laser at Ewag AG, Etziken SO Requirements (pulse distortion, wavelength and power) on delievery fibers in manufacturing processes Icon Dold (2.26 MB) 
Prof. Dr. Luc Thévenaz; Head of the Group for Fibre Optics GFO, EPFL Lausanne and
Dr. Manuel Ryser Leader of Optical Fibers and Fiber Lasers group, Institute of Applied Physics IAP, University of Bern
Working groups: How can we close the gap between Swiss fiber capabilities and Swiss market needs? Icon (37 KB) 
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