SNAP: Photonics21

  • Conference announcement JNPLI 2016, 28-29 June, 2016, Liège, Belgium

International Conference on Industrial Laser Processing: Journees Nationales des Procedes Laser Pour L'Industrie (JNPLI)
Topics: Additive Manufacturing, Metal Welding, Micro-Machining & Texturing, Transparent Materials Processing, Advanced Beam Shaping & Delivery

Work Group 2: Industrial Production / Manufacturing and Quality      



  • Photonics21 Work Group 2 Brookerage event

13 July 2016 - Konstanz
ISC Konstanz and AIMEN organize, within the FaiERA Project, a Brokerage Event on Laser Based Micro-Manufacturing of functional components in the photovoltaics, automotive, aerospace, microelectronics, or bioengineering industries.
The programme will include the following topics: 

Laser micro-manufacturing landscape
Thematic pitch session
Networkinig session

When you are interested to jon the event you will find further information about the event and the programme at the following link.

  • Photonics21 Work Group 2 Workshop

19 April 2016 - Frankfurt Airport, Germany
A follow-up Photonics21 Work Group 2 workshop has been held on 19 April 2016 at The  Squaire Meeting Centre located at Frankfurt airport. It continued the discussions in the process to define the photonics research and innovation priorities for Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018 - 2020.
Representatives from Trumpf and Precitec attended the meeting (see minutes). 
Meeting minutes: 20160419 Minutes Wg2 Meeting
Next steps:
Draft proposal to be circulated in WG2 Group during June.
Final proposal for WG2 topics of the H2020 Work Programm 2018-2020 in July.
  • Have your say! - Photonics Public Private Partnership Annual Meeting 2016

01 - 02 March 2016 - Brussels, Le Plaza Hotel in Brussels.
Kick off: Photonics PPP call topics for Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020
Participant from Switzerland: Ch. Harder, Siwssphotnics

Swiss Strategic Research Agenda - June 2014

Photonics21 WG 2: Photonic Tools for Manufacturing and Quality
Industrial Manufacturing and Quality - SWOT analysis
Photonics Enabled Industries
  • Multiple SMEs with class leading laser system products mainly in the short pulse (ps, fs) range.
  • Active integrator environment with focus on high end and high power systems.
  • Bystronic and Trumpf have significant production capacities in Switzerland for 2D-cutting systems.
  • Job-shop density (SMEs with up to 20 people and focus on mid volume production) is one of the highest in Europe.
  • Component manufacturing of central devices with high quality (pump lasers, sensors, passive optics…) takes partly place in Switzerland.
  • Active research community with strong technical background.
  • Leading industries are slow in implementing laser systems for manufacturing processes.
  • Investments in automation is often offset by transferring packaging activities to Asia.
  • Chinese competition copy-paste Swiss/European laser technology.
  • High labor and living cost (currency exchange rate) lead to severe price pressure and consolidation in the market place.
  • Lack of specialized photonic clusters that combine industries and research.
  • In general growing demand for extra short pulse laser systems with new fields of applications.
  • Micro-machining market (i.e. watch industry) with increasing interest in laser assisted manufacturing processes.
  • New Photonics network creates additional demand on national level. 
  • Asian low cost competition.
  • No strong support government support for laser industry (lack of funding).
  • Slow investments from private sector. 
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