SNFL: Photonics21

  • Conference announcement JNPLI 2016, 28-29 June, 2016, Liège, Belgium

International Conference on Industrial Laser Processing: Journees Nationales des Procedes Laser Pour L'Industrie (JNPLI)
Topics: Additive Manufacturing, Metal Welding, Micro-Machining & Texturing, Transparent Materials Processing, Advanced Beam Shaping & Delivery

Work Group 2: Industrial Production / Manufacturing and Quality      

Most details related to this activity are listed at Photonics21 link of SNAP.
Specific information for laser systems, beam delivery/shaping, advanced fibers and fiber lasers are listed below.


Swiss Strategic Research Agenda - June 2014

Photonics21 WG 2: Photonic Tools for Manufacturing and Quality
Industrial Manufacturing and Quality - SWOT analysis
Photonics Enabled Industries
Strengths Weakness
  • Multiple SMEs with class leading laser system products mainly in the short pulse (ps, fs) range.
  • Active integrator environment with focus on high end and high power systems.
  • Bystronic and Trumpf have significant production capacities in Switzerland for 2D-cutting systems.
  • Job-shop density (SMEs with up to 20 people and focus on mid volume production) is one of the highest in Europe.
  • Component manufacturing of central devices with high quality (pump lasers, sensors, passive optics…) takes partly place in Switzerland.
  • Active research community with strong technical background.
  • Leading industries are slow in implementing laser systems for manufacturing processes.
  • Investments in automation is often offset by transferring packaging activities to Asia.
  • Chinese competition copy-past Swiss/European laser technology.
  • High labor and living cost (currency exchange rate) lead to severe price pressure and consolidation in the market place.
  • Lack of specialized photonic clusters that combine industries and research.
Opportunities Threats
  • In general growing demand for extra short pulse laser systems with new fields of applications.
  • Micro-machining market (i.e. watch industry) with increasing interest in laser assisted manufacturing processes.
  • New Photonics network creates additional demand on national level. 
  • Asian low cost competition.
  • No strong support government support for laser industry (lack of funding).
  • Slow investments from private sector. 
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