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  • Extended Deadline for 2016 ICO Prize

The deadline for the 2016 ICO Prize has been extended to June 15th 2016. ICO (International Commission for Optics) prize is awarded to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to optics before turning 40 years of age. Instructions for applications can be found at .

Work Group 7: Photonics Research, Education and Training   


Current events / news

  • Photonics Entrepreneurs - 2nd Entrepreneurial Boot Camp: 14.-16. Sept. 2016, Vienna, Austria

For those students interested in innovation and entrepreneurship in the Photonics field a great opportunity to meet young researchers from all over Europe:

The boot camp is jointly organised by the Vienna University of Economics and Business and Photonics Austria in the framework of the European Project Photonics4All.
We especially welcome students with a research field in Photonics or young start-ups.
The costs for the Boot Camp are covered by the European Project Photonics4All. Some funding for the accommodation will be available as well.
For more detail please visit this link at Photonics Austria.
For your application send your CV and a letter outlining your interest in the boot camp to: .ulg6rim7che).tb5rou1g@x*jom(ane.nee6umg*.at2tz

  • Bi-annual Biophotonics and Imaging Summer Shool: 5.-9. Sept. 2016, Galway, Ireland

Lectures on microscopy, general optics, tissue optics, OCT, neurophotonics, photoacoustics - to mention a few - are included. More details are available at this link.

Past events

  • Online consultation ESCO project open until 15.04.2016

Online consultation to improve the transparency of occupations, skills and qualifications in the Optical engineering subsector is open until 15.04.2016. You need to register for the ESCO project area. Details of the european project ESCO can be found at this link

  • Have your say! - Photonics Public Private Partnership Annual Meeting 2016

01 - 02 March 2016 - Brussels, Le Plaza Hotel in Brussels.
Kick off: Photonics PPP call topics for Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018/2019
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Swiss Strategic Research Agenda - June 2014

Photonics21 WG 7: Photonics Research, Education and Training
Industrial Manufacturing and Quality - SWOT analysis
Photonics Enabled Industries
Strengths Weakness
  • Masters in Photonics Program,
  • Strong technology market requiring
    trained employees with
    qualification in photonic tooling.
  • Research of product related optical
    technologies embedded at
    schools and universities.
  • Multiple young entrepreneurs
    pushing new technologies into
    the market.
  • Disruptive research at leading
    universities with strong exchange
  • Various industrial research centers
    / think tanks in Switzerland
    (i.e. IBM Rueschlikon, Google in
  • Insufficient number of trained
    personnel in photonics sector.
  • Increasing restriction for foreign
    employees working in Switzerland.
  • Graduate students from universities
    with insufficient practical
  • Photonic education and practical
    training between industry and
    educational institutions not well
  • Insufficient number of female
    students in the field of photonics.
Opportunities Threats
  • Specific support (financial, guidance)
    for Start-ups from the CTI
    (Commission for Technology and
  • Increasing collaboration for specific
    training and research in the
    photonic domain.
  • Swissphotonics NTN as market
    place for Swiss employment in
  • Lack of public and private funding
    for training and R&D.
  • Technical sector in hiring competition
    with other, better paying
    industries (financial sector).
  • Brain drain into other countries
    with better technology network.
  • Conservative investment policy
    from financial sector.
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