Offset Business: What is it?

Swiss government places from time to time huge orders outside Switzerland (e.g. F-35 in USA from Lockheed) usually with an agreement that this beneficiary company (in case of F-35: Lockheed) orders also from companies in Switzerland or places part of the production in Switzerland to Offset (compensate) the business

What types of Offset business exist?

There are three types of Offset contracts - Ahead of business compensation contract:
  • The company making an offer to the Swiss government might already include, contracts for offsetting, if they get the business
  • Direct compensation: Some parts of the product will be done in Switzerland
  • Indirect compensation: The company will place orders in Switzerland, which have not much to do with the order.

ASIPRO: The way to get to Offset business

Swissphotonics is member of ASIPRO, an organisation whose purpose is to promote the industrial participation of Swiss companies in aerospace, security and defense procurement projects of the Swiss Confederation abroad, through direct and indirect offset transactions.
Please check the webpage of ASIPRO for detailed information.
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