SNAP - Swiss National Applicationlab for Photonics

The SNAP cluster combines institues working on laser beam material processing and offers test beds and application labs for Swiss companies developing new laser beam sources for material processing. It recommends the best suitable institute, the best approach and supports implementation. The involved institutes give the SME assistance for Innosuisse projects if technology development is needed to solve the problem. 

Laser beam material processing covers
  • Laser micromachining and drilling of almost any material, i.e. metals, textiles, tissue, ceramics, glass, plastic and carbon composites
  • Functional structures on surfaces
  • Laser welding, soldering and brazing
  • 3D-Laser surface treatment of many materials (polishing, hardening, structuring, marking, engraving,)
  • Rapid manufacturing, 3D printing
Through the close cooperation of several institutes we are able to provide services that require specialized expertise or equipment, which extends beyond the scope of a single institution. 

SNAP conducts one tutorial seminar at the yearly EPMT trade-show in Geneva and holds several workshops per year on the latest progress to advance the laser machining technology and tools.


Dr. Andreas Burn
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