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The Swiss Federal government spends up to 5Bio CHF/year, mostly in education and research. Photonic research in Switzerland is worldclass and represented, among many others, in the following SNSF project NCCR-MUST.

Support of innovation at institutes

The Swiss Federal government spends up to 5 Bio CHF/year in educatin and innovation Swiss Federal Innovation Funding21 (PDF, 161 KB), most programs are dedicated to research.
  • Bottom-up: SNSF Swiss National Science Foundation (800Mio. CHF/year). Mainly supporting basic science projects with some funds available for technology transfer for institutes and companies. Requests can be submitted anytime.
  • Bottom-up: Innosuisse innovation promotion (200Mio. CHF/year). Requests need to include at least one company and one research institute. Innosuisse is funding the research at the institute up to R&D investment of the company. No cash required by the company. Submit request anytime on any topic.
  • Top-down: EU R&D projects (800Mio. CHF/year). Calls for specific topics are published periodically by the EU. Wait until your topic of interest is being published and submit proposal (togteher with other companies and research institutes). Disadvantage: Low acceptance ratio and red tape. Advantage: Funding of R&D at institutes and companies. Please contact euresearch for more details

01.05.2022 Christoph Harder

Swiss National Photonics Laboratories

In order to stengthen the coordination between various institutes working on the same topic we have decided to form and support the collaboration and coordination between institutes who work in the same field. We do call these cooperations Swiss National Photonics Laboratories, as they are designed to drive the research results through applications into SMEs.

Swissphotonics support for institutes

Swissphotonics can support you and your institute! We offer free of charge: Workshops to bring research and industry togther, Support to find a matching company, support to obtain funding, access to international photonic networks, access to photonic market data and reports. Swissphotonics can also support you with respect to intellectual property questions, i.e. patent issues.

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