SPPL - Swiss Photonic Packaging Lab

Switzerland is a leader in the development of novel photonic devices. Such photonic devices need dedicated packaging, including mounting and advanced joining solutions for mechanical, electrical as well as optical interfaces. This is in most cases expensive and requires special skills, as there are currently hardly any standards in photonics packaging. The packaging team can offer contract development and small series production with in-depth analysis and optimization of applied joining methods and/or development of custom-designed joining materials and processes. 

The main services comprise
  • Design services and consulting for miniaturizing of devices
  • Development and integration of micro-optical, micro-mechanical and electronic systems into self-contained packages
  • Interfacing with external electronics, optical fibers and waveguides
  • Custom-designed solutions in the field of joining (e.g. brazing, soldering, diffusion bonding, transient liquid phase bonding, alloy design, development of nanostructured filler alloys, coatings and foils).

SMEs often have difficulties to keep up with the rapidly developing opto-electronic and opto-mechanical miniaturisation and integration usually due a lack of funding, unawareness of recent progress of technology and specialized know how. SPPL helps closing this gap for Swiss SMEs in order to increase their international competitiveness. New products can be conceived by applying the sophisticated expertise of the packaging team partners. 


Stefan Mohrdiek
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