SRPV - Swiss Research in PhotoVoltaics

SRPV strives in bringing all interested parties from research and development, industry and academia together to address technological advances in photovoltaics. We organize workshops and discussion meetings and promote projects within the Innosuisse framework. Knowledge exchange, supply of competences, sharing of special equipment or even the joint definition and use of standardized methods and equipment will bring the industry a huge step forward saving valuable resources.

Swiss research institutes play a leading role in the development of advanced crystalline and thin film technologies including photovoltaic cells and modules. SRPV offers access to its competences in academia as well as to its technology centres for device fabrication and coating, for testing and evaluation, for simulation and analysis.  


Besides the big players in the photovoltaic industry, numerous SMEs and start-ups with limited resources are very active in the field. SRPV will be instrumental in helping SMEs to get access to funding or finding collaboration partners.


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