SSSL Workshop

Montag/Monday, 12.12.2016, Pantheon, Muttenz BL


A joint Workshop organized by the
Swiss National Lab for Solid State Lighting SSSL of Swissphotonics
and by: LASSIE-FP7 - CSEM - AMIRES - BaselArea.Swiss and EPIC


Intelligent efficient solid-state lighting

This is the follow-up of the Large-area SSL Workshop held last year in Lausanne.

The introduction of light emitting diodes (LEDs) as solid state lighting (SSL) sources is now recognized as one of the technological revolutions at the verge of the 21st century. In 2014, the Nobel prize for the invention of the blue LED celebrated the adoption of this new technology, which, with the promise for high efficiency and considerable energy savings, has totally changed the lighting paradigm in the last decade. Currently, we have entered a new phase, where the unique properties of the LED sources are being exploited to bring SSL into the new digital era : for the first time in the human history, it is possible to develop smart and human centric lighting sytems.

The Workshop is divided into three Sessions:
  • First, the final results of the European Project LASSIE-FP7 will be presented, with focus on the development of large-area intelligent SSL modules with high efficiency and high lighting quality for professional and architectural lighting.
  • The second session will be devoted to technical developments and industrial applications in the field of smart lighting. We will span from components to systems, as well as on the potential of SSL for innovative solutions for human centric lighting.

Large area SSL – LEDs  – OLEDs – Digital lighting – Intelligent/Smart lighting – Efficient lighting – High quality lighting – Human centric lighting – From SSL devices to lighting systems – Status & Challenges of SSL

Target public
Technical, R & D, companies (from SMEs to LMEs), but also light designers, architects, or eventually end-users (e.g. large retailers, etc.)


Pantheon Basel
Swiss Forum for Vintage Cars / Schweizer Forum für Oldtimer
Hofackerstrasse 72
4132 Muttenz BL

08:30 Registration, Coffee
09:00 Session 1 (am)
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 Session 2 (pm)
17:00 Apéro riche

Conference language

This Workshop is free of charge including Lunch, Break and Apéro.

New Deadline for registration 8. December
Registration compulsory
(Link on top of the page.)

"You have a unique opportunity to network with people from BASF, Insolight, Philips Lighting, Regent , Zumtobel Lighting, Fraunhofer, Lfoundry, Swedish Energy Agency, Swiss lighting association, Albis Photonics, CSEM, Exalos, Holst Centre, HTW Chur, Rolic Technologies, TRIOPTICS, VTT, AMIRES, Bartenbach, CEA, cenogent, Electrosuisse, Empa, Gaiker, Geting, iart, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Kimoto, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, Metas, Sefar , Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Swissflex Microelectronics, …" (Carlos Lee, EPIC)

Christoph S. Harder
President Swissphotonics
+41 79 219 90 51

Additional Partners: - BaselArea.Swiss - AMIRES - EPIC





Beni Muller, 9. Januar 2017
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Dr. Christian Bosshard; Vice-President Thin Film Optics CSEM SA, 4132 Muttenz BL and Managing Director Swissphotonics Introduction and Welcome Icon Bosshard (2.62 MB) 
Dr. Christof Klöpper; CEO, 4010 Basel How innovative companies are supported in Basel Icon Kloepper (1.26 MB) 
Dr. Rudolf Frycek ; Business Innovation consultant, CEO Amires Sàrl, 2000 Neuchâtel Moderation Session 1 (am): Large Area Intelligent Efficient SSL EU LASSIE-FP7 Icon (59 KB) 
Dr. Rolando Ferrini LASSIE-FP7 Highlights Icon Ferrini (1.54 MB) 
Dr. Oscar Fernández; Senior Project Leader at CSEM, 4132 Muttenz BL Efficient high quality light management Icon Fernandez (2.64 MB) 
Dr. Stephan Junger; Senior Scientist Fraunhofer Institut for Integrated Circuits IIS, Erlangen, Germany Sensors for intelligent light management Icon Junger (1.83 MB) 
Dr. Kimmo Keränen; Senior Scientist at VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd., Espoo, Otaniemi, Finland Large area heat management for efficient SSL Icon Keränen (1.81 MB) 
Leire Barruetabeña; Responsable de Equipo, Gestión Ambiental, Gaiker, Bilbao, Spain Eco- and Cost-sustainability of large area SSL Icon Barruetabena (572 KB) 
Dr. Adrian von Mühlenen; Senior Innovation Manager, Biological & Effect System Research, Technology Incubator, BASF Schweiz AG, 4057 Basel Materials and technology for LED lighting applications Icon von Muehlenen (2.25 MB) 
Dr. Christian Hochfilzer; Technical Director Regent Beleuchtungskörper AG, 4018 Basel BS Inspiration versus Technology – LED was Yesterday Icon Hochfilzer (1.73 MB) 
Dr. Peter Bennich; Senior policy adviser (at the Swedish Energy Agency); chair of the IEA 4E SSL annex IEA 4E SSL annex: providing governments with the tools to accelerate market adoption of SSL products Icon Bennich (4.82 MB) 
Carlos Lee; Director General European Photonics Industry Consortium EPIC, Brussels, Belgium Moderation Session 2 (pm): Smart & Human Centric Lighting Icon (59 KB) 
Dr. Marcus Duelk; CTO Exalos AG, 8952 Schlieren ZH New LED components for smart lighting, e.g. Blue SLEDs Icon Duelk (2.28 MB) 
Dr. Hani Kanaan; OLED Technology & Business expert, Technology Business Developement, Laboratory of Technologies and Components for Visualisation, Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives CEA, 38054 Grenoble France Micro LED Matrix for Smart Lighting system and Automotive Headlamps applications Icon Kanaan (3.27 MB) 
Dr. Erno Langendijk; Business Development & Program Manager for Flexible OLEDs at Holst Centre, TNO Holst Center, 5656 AE Eindhoven, The Netherlands PI-Scale : European pilot line for flexible OLEDs Icon Langendijk (1.73 MB) 
Prof. Dr. Beat Ruhstaller; Professor at Institute of Computational Physics (ICP) at Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Chairman at Fluxim AG, 8401 Winterthur ZH Design, Characterization and Optimization of OLEDs for Lighting Icon Ruhstaller (2.52 MB) 
Prof. Dr. Christian Cajochen; Head Centre for Chronobiology, Psychiatric University Clinics, University of Basel, 4012 Basel Research on human centric lighting Icon Cajochen (2.77 MB) 
Wilfried Pohl; ppa. Mag., Director Research, Member of the Management Board, Bartenbach GmbH, 6071 Aldrans Tyrol Austria View of a light design company on human centric lighting Icon Pohl (2.79 MB) 
Dr. Heinz Seyringer; board of directors European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC), Head of Research Collaborations Zumtobel Group, Zumtobel Lighting GmbH, 6851 Dornbirn, Austria View of a light company on human centric lighting Icon Seyringer (4.59 MB) 
Carlos Lee EPIC Closing remarks Icon (59 KB) 
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