Workshop: Lifetime and Reliability Issues in PV

Donnerstag/Thursday, 10.09.2015, Manno TI

Lifetime issues in PV - Processes before, during and after cell and module fabrication
Swissphotonics and the Swiss National Laboratory Swiss Research Platform in Photo Voltaics invite to a workshop on Lifetime Issues in PV with SUPSI-ISAAC and Empa

Long term stability of PV cells and modules.
- Degradation processes: chemical, mechanical, environmental
- Modeling
- Prevention strategies
- Protect your investment!

Target public
Scientists, External experts, Field applicants, Installation industry, Building integrators 

11:00 Lab Tour: 6814 Lamone TI, Via Industria 14
12:00 Lunch Ristorante Piazzetta: 6928 Manno TI, Via Violino 11 (Sponsoring Swissphotonics)
13:00 Talks SUPSI - DEASS, Manno, Via Violino 11
14:10 Networking Break 30' (Sponsoring Swissphotonics)
14:40 Talks
16:20 Conclusion
16:30 Apéro riche (Sponsoring Swissphotonics)
18:00 End of workshop

Conference language

This workshop is free of charge

1. Lab Tour
6814 Lamone TI, Via Industria 14
Walking distance (10 min) from train station Lamone-Cadempino go over the highway bridge (= Via Vedeggio), than turn to the right in Via Industriale
2. Lunch / Workshop / Apéro
SUPSI - Dipartimento economia aziendale, sanita e sociale (DEASS) 6928 Manno TI, Via Violino 11
Walking distance (10 min) from train station Lamone-Cadempino go over the highway bridge (= Via Vedeggio), than turn at the roundabout to the left in Via Violino

Map and directions in italian by public transport Directions public transport (pdf)
Map and directions in italian by car Directions by car (pdf) No parking space at Supsi DEASS,
Map and directions in italian to the car park Directions car park (pdf)

Deadline for inscription

Program Chair
Dr. Roman Rudel
DIrector of ISAAC - SUPSI
Cannobio/Lamone TI

Dr. Christoph S. Harder
President Swissphotonics
+41 79 219 90 51

Beni Muller, 22. September 2015
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Dr. Roman Rudel; Direttore ISAAC, SUPSI, 6952 Canobbio TI Labtour Icon Rudel (2.04 MB) 
Dr. Roman Rudel; Welcome note Icon (59 KB) 
Dr. Christop S. Harder; President Swissphotonics, Schindellegi SZ Moderation Icon (59 KB) 
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Weber; Coordinator BU PV Technology and R&D Services at PI Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin AG, Berlin Potential-induced degradation of thin-film modules: Prediction of outdoor behaviour Icon Weber (11.11 MB) 
Ing. Alberto Pozza; Scientific project officer at European Commission, Joint Research Center (JRC), 21027 Ispra (VA), Italia Standards for quality of PV modules: current status and ongoing activities Icon Pozza (1.17 MB) 
Thomas Söderström; Head of TPI-M (R&D Module) at Meyer Burger AG, 3645 Gwatt BE From solar module reliability to bifacial solar module production line Icon Söderström (3.13 MB) 
Simon Züfle; Dipl.-Phys., PhD Student, Fluxim AG/ZHAW, 8400 Winterthur ZH Complementary techniques to investigate degradation mechanisms in solar cells Icon Züfle (2.03 MB) 
Dr. Fanny Sculati-Meillaud; Team leader solar cells at Photovoltaics and Thin Film Electronics Laboratory PVLab, Institute of Microenegineering - IMT-EPFL Neuchâtel Reliability of PV modules and long-term performance prediction Icon Sculati-Meillaud (3.18 MB) 
Dr. Adriana Paracchino; Material Scientist at Greatcell Solar SA, 1015 Ecublens VD, a subsidiary of Dyesol in Switzerland Durability and scale-up of perovskite-based mesoscopic solar cells Icon Paracchino (10.11 MB) 
Dr. Mauro Pravettoni; Researcher at the Swiss PV Module Test Centre PVMTC, Institute of Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment ISAAC, SUPSI, 6952 Canobbio TI Pre-normative characterization of multi-junction photovoltaic modules Icon Pravettoni (3.24 MB) 
Prof. Urs Muntwyler; Head Photovoltaic Laboratory, BFH TI, 3400 Burgdorf BE History of PV Reliability Icon Muntwyler (1.58 MB) 
Prof. Dr. Frank Alain Nüesch; Abteilungsleiter Funktionspolymere, Empa, Dübendorf ZH Conclusion Icon (59 KB) 
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