Workshop: Optical Coatings for Laser Applications 2016

Donnerstag/Thursday, 09.06.2016,

Joint Workshop of NTB, RhySearch, EOS and Swissphotonics


After the success of the 2015 Workshop on Optical Coatings for Laser Applications, the workshop will again be held in 2016 at the NTB in Buchs on the 9th of June. As last year, presentations by highly reputed speakers in the fields of optical coatings, laser technology and LIDT measurement will again be held. The workshop also offers the opportunity for furthering communication and networking between industry and research groups.

Target public
The workshop is geared towards technically interested engineers and scientists working with laser optics, high-end optical thin film deposition and characterization.

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09:30  Arrival of guests and Poster Placement
09:30  Welcome Coffee, Sponsored by Swissphotonics
10:00  Welcome Note
10:15  Presentations
12:00  Lunch / Poster Visits
13:15  Presentations
15:10  Networking break, Sponsored by EOS
15:10  Labtour
16:00  Presentations
17:00  Workshop
17:45  Conclusion
18:00  Poster Visits
18:00  Apéro riche, Sponsored by Swissphotonics
19:30  End

NTB Interstaatliche Hochschule für Technik
Institut für Produktionsmesstechnik, Werkstoffe und Optik (PWO)
Werdenbergstrasse 4
9470 Buchs

Conference language

This workshop is free of charge

Registration compulsory
(Link on top of the page.)
Deadline: 6th June 2016

Program Chair
Dr. Carsten Ziolek, head NTB PWO

Contact Person at RhySearch
Valerie Oesch
Werdenbergstrasse 4
CH-9471 Buchs SG
+41 81 755 49 50

Christoph S. Harder
President Swissphotonics
+41 79 219 90 51

Beni Muller, 20. 6. 2016
Icon Registration
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Icon Participants (PDF) (88 KB) 
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Prof. Dr. Ing. Andreas Ettemeyer, Prorektor NTB Interstaatliche Hochschule für Technik Buchs Welcome Note Icon (42 KB) 
Dr. Richard Quaderer, CEO RhySearch, Buchs SG Welcome Note Icon (42 KB) 
Dr. Carsten Ziolek, Head Institute for Production Metrology, Materials and Optics PWO, Interstaatliche Hochschule für Technik NTB, Buchs SG Chairman am session Icon (42 KB) 
Dr. habil. Marwan Abdou-Ahmed, Head of Laser Development and Laser Optics, Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge IFSW, University of Stuttgart D Keynote Lecture: Grating-waveguide structures and their applications in high-power laser systems Icon Abdou-Ahmed (2.03 MB) 
Dr. Thorsten Best, Optics Balzers Jena GmbH, Jena D High Performance Laser Mirrors produced with Plasma-Assisted Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Icon Best (776 KB) 
Dr. Laurent Gallais, Maître de Conférence Fresnel Institute, Faculte des Sciences de Saint Jérôme, Marseille F Laser damage resistance of optical coatings in the sub-ps regime: limitations and improvement of damage threshold Icon Gallais (1.64 MB) 
Dr. Roelene Botha, Technische Projektleiterin, Senior Research Engineer, RhySearch, Buchs SG Poster Overview Icon (42 KB) 
Dr. Christoph S. Harder, President Swissphotonics, Wollerau SZ Introduction Swissphotonics and Chairman pm session Icon (42 KB) 
Dr. Adriana Viorica Szeghalmi, Emmy Noether-Gruppe Optische Beschichtung mittels Atomlagenabscheidung, Institute of Applied Physics, Friedrich Schiller University Jena D Overview of ALD Activities for Optical Applications: Materials, Refractive and Diffractive Optics Icon Szeghalmi (5.88 MB) 
Dr. Kai Starke, CEO Cutting Edge Coatings GmbH, Hannover D Ion Beam Sputtering: current challenges in ultimate performance optical coatings Icon Starke (3.5 MB) 
Dr. Vladimir Pervak, Head of coating labs, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany Dispersive optics: limits and challenges Icon Pervak (13.7 MB) 
Dr. Roelene Botha Activities at the RhySearch Coating Lab Icon Botha (913 KB) 
Prof. Dr. Markus Aspelmeyer, Quantum Optics, Quantum Nanophysics and Quantum Information, Vienna Center for Science and Technology, VCQ, Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna Crystalline Coatings - a new paradigm in optical coating technology Icon Aspelmeyer (61.4 MB) 
Prof. Dr. Patrik Hoffmann, Head - Laboratory Advanced Materials Processing, EMPA Materials Science and Technology, Thun BE and Adjunct professor, LPMAT, EPFL Lausanne VD Devastative contamination on DUV Laser mirrors and dreams for laser processing Icon Hoffmann (4.48 MB) 
Dr. Hans Ebinger, VR RhySearch, Buchs SG Workshop: Summary of presentations and discussion of current topics for development Icon (42 KB) 
Dr. Carsten Ziolek Conclusion Icon (42 KB) 
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