Machine Learning Workshop

Donnerstag/Thursday, 04.02.2016, CSEM Neuchâtel

Joint SwissphotonicsCSEM SA workshop with support of Edmund Optics

Machine learning has become ubiquitous. Today, complex problems related to the interpretation of the environment can be approached and cast into recognition problems. The rapid evolution of sensing techniques and data processing methods has pushed machine learning outside the academic labs and towards the industry, from biomedical to automation. This workshop will provide an insight into the possibilities offered by machine learning.

Thursday 10th February 2016

10:00 Registration and Coffee, Sponsoring Swissphotonics
11:00 Talks
13:00 Lunch, Sponsoring Edmund Optics worldwide
14:00 Talks
16:00 Showroom visit, Apéro riche, Sponsoring Swissphotonics

CSEM SA Neuchâtel
Rue Jaquet-Droz 1, 2002 Neuchâtel

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This Workshop free of charge
including Lunch, Break and Apéro
Registration compulsory
Deadline: 30th January 2016
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Edo Franzi
Section Head, Vision Embedded Systems
Integrated & Wireless Systems

Contact Swissphotonics
Christoph S. Harder
President Swissphotonics
+41 79 219 90 51

Beni Muller, 23th February 2016
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Dr. Mario El-Khoury; CEO CSEM SA, Neuchâtel CSEM SA Welcome Icon El Koury (1.62 MB) 
Dr. Christian Bosshard; Vice-President Thin Film Optics CSEM SA, Muttenz BL and Managing Director Swissphotonics Swissphotonics Welcome and Program Icon Bosshard (430 KB) 
Dr. Amina Chebira; Project Manager CSEM SA, Neuchâtel Chairman a.m. Icon (59 KB) 
Dr. François Fleuret; Head of the Computer Vision and Learning group at the IDIAP Research Institute, Martigny VS and Maître d'enseignement et de recherche EPFL, Lausanne VD Exact Acceleration of Linear Object Detectors Icon Fleuret (3.77 MB) 
Prof. Dr. Marco Zaffalon; Head Imprecise Probability Group IPG, Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence IDSIA, Manno TI Innovation through algorithms that learn Icon Zaffalon (1.71 MB) 
Philipp Schmid; Section Head Robotics & Automation CSEM SA, Alpnach OW Industrial Approach: Automated Fault Detection with 1-Dimensional Sensory Signals for Quality Inspection Icon Schmid (3.21 MB) 
Dr. Christoph S. Harder; President Swissphotonics, 8832 Wollerau SZ Chairman p.m. Icon (59 KB) 
Virginie Moser; R&D Engineer EPFL, Expert Vision Embedded Systems CSEM SA, Neuchâtel NE Vision algorithms on embedded platforms Icon Moser (1.55 MB) 
Dr. Reto Wyss; CTO and co-founder of ViDi Systems SA, Villaz-St-Pierre FR Deep-Learning for real world inspection problems Icon Wyss (4.01 MB) 
Dr. Boris Ecker; Imaging Solutions Engineer Edmund Optics GmbH, Karlsruhe D New Trends in Optics: Overcoming Depth of Field Limitations Icon Ecker (1.96 MB) 
Dr. Christoph S. Harder Open Discussion Icon (59 KB) 
Simon Gray; Head of Marketing & Sales, Integrated & Wireless Systems CSEM SA, Neuchâtel CSEM SA Showroom Visit Icon (59 KB) 
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