IPG Laser, Typ ELR-30-1550-SF for sale

IPG Laser, Typ ELR-30-1550-SF

A new laser system (IPG Laser, Typ ELR-30-1550-SF) still in the orginial packaging is for sale.

The specificaions can be found here:
Specifications Elr-30-1550-sf

In case of interest please contact the following person:

Francesco Orrati, Strategic Buyer, Diamond SA
Email: 8Frc0anp*cek0sch$o.o7Orp6raf0tin$@dk2iar+moc8ndq4-fl8o.y3coo%mq

Contact Swissphotonics
Dr. Christian Bosshard
Managing Director Swissphotonics
+61 455 957 7926

17 June 2023, Christian Bosshard

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