Sonntag/Sunday, 02.09.2012, Thun

International Conference on Advanced Laser Technologies,
2 - 6 September 2012
(ALT'12) GWATT-Zentrum in Thun, Switzerland

The ALT Conference series, held annually since 1993, focus on the recent achievements and advances in laser technology and laser applications in various areas. These series of conferences were founded by the General Physics Institute Moscow. The previous conferences were organized in Russia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Romania, Switzerland, United Kingdom, China, Hungary, Finland, Turkey, the Netherlands and Bulgaria. In 2012, after ten years, the ALT conference again returns to Switzerland. Leading scientists and researchers from all over the world present their latest results.

Key Topics ALT'12
1. Laser – matter interaction and processing technologies
2. Biophotonics
3. Laser systems and materials
4. Fiber Lasers
5. Laser diagnostics and spectroscopy
6. Non-linear optics
7. THz sources and applications
8. Photoacoustics
9. Micro- and nanophotonic devices

Members of SLN can apply for free admission to the conference on wednensday, when the SLN Poster Session takes place. The 30 tickets will be assigned in order of input. During the whole conference SLN has also a modest exhibition area at its disposal (1 table and 1 poster board).
Member companies are invited to send pamphlets in A4 format that will be exposed during the conference (1 per company, 50 copies max.).

Please contact Prof. Valerio Romano previously.

SLN Poster Session cruise 5. 9. 2012
The Poster Session will take place on Wednesday afternoon 5 September on the ship MS Stadt Thun of the bls Schifffahrt Berner Oberland line. The poster will be displayed on the main deck of the boat. Additionally, refreshment will be offered. This will give a good opportunity to socialize and discuss the presented work.
The poster session on the boat is offered by SLN.

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