Workshop: On the way to Europe or how to get European fundings

Mittwoch/Wednesday, 27.04.2011, Bern, UniS

This workshop will provide the latest information on the upcoming EU-calls in the field of photonics, as well as alternative European funding programs.

Adressed Topics:
- Eureka/Erostar: Bottom Up Projects with focus on SME
- Laser and Laser Systems / Factory of the Future: ICT Call
- Optical Data Communications / Photonics Integration Platform: ICT Call
- Biophotonics: Objective ICT Call

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University of Bern
building UniS, room A 022
Schanzeneckstrasse 1
3012 Bern
With public transport: Bern main station, elevator
By car: Parcing Bern main station

13:00 Welcome Coffee
13:30-15:00 Talks
15:00-15:30 Networking break
15:30 Introduction to the Workshops
15:40-16:30 Workshops 1
6:30-16:50 Results
16:50-17:00 Perspectives
17:00 Apéro Riche

Conference language

This workshop is free of charge

Deadline for registration
20. April 2011
Deadline extended until 24. April 2011

Beni Muller, 20. July 2015
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Icon Speakers (PDF) (1.89 MB)
Icon Auf nach Europa (7 KB)
Icon On the Way to Europe (6 KB)
Dr. Marion Tobler, Euresearch Head Office, National Contact Point (NCP), Swiss Information Network for EU Research Programmes Welcome Icon (35 KB) 
Dr. Christoph Harder, (SLN), Wollerau SZ Introduction of Swiss Photonics and Laser Network (SLN) Icon Intro (104 KB) 
Thomas P. Pearsall, Secretary General European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC), Paris Photonics-Related Calls in 2011: Topics and Deadlines Icon SLN 0410 (285 KB) 
Dr. Andreas Gut, EUREKA National Project Coordinator, Eidgenössisches Volkswirtschaftsdepartement (EVD), Bundesamt für Berufsbildung und Technologie (BBT), Bern EUREKA / EUROSTAR Icon Eureka-Pr�sentation SwissLaser Net (3.31 MB) 
Dr. Marion Tobler, Euresearch FP7 funding opportunities and EU strategies Icon 20110427 Swisslaser MaT (5.6 MB) 
Maddalena Tognola, Euresearch, Bern Introduction to the Workshops Icon (35 KB) 
Workshop 1: Dr. Andreas Gut, EUREKA EUROSTAR Icon 101004 Factsheet Eurostars (81 KB) 
Workshop 2: Dr. Ulrich Dürr, LASAG AG Laser and Laser Systems, Factory of the Future Icon Laser and Laser Systems (11 KB) 
Workshop 3: Dr. Christian Bosshard, CSEM SA Alpnach OW Optical Data Communications, Photonics Integration Platforms Icon Optical data communications (41 KB) 
Workshop 4: PD Dr. Martin Wolf, USZ, BMPN, Zürich Biophotonics Icon Biophotonics for early, fast and reliable medical diagnosis (33 KB) 
Workshop chairs Presentation of the results Icon (35 KB) 
Dr. Marion Tobler, Euresearch and Dr. Christoph Harder, SLN Perspectives Icon (35 KB) 
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