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Dienstag/Tuesday, 29.10.2019, NTB, Buchs SG

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Dual-comb MIXSEL for spectroscopy and LIDAR applications

A fully stabilized optical frequency comb (OFC) consists of equally spaced frequencies and can serve as a very precise ruler for optical frequency measurements. Optically pumped vertically emitting semiconductor lasers have successfully been modelocked from the visible to the mid-IR spectral range. Continuous-wave operation of these lasers has been successfully commercialized. A modelocked integrated external-cavity surface-emitting laser (MIXSEL) integrates both the gain and the saturable absorber layer within the same semiconductor wafer. The MIXSEL generates a modelocked pulse train from a linear straight cavity defined by the MIXSEL chip and the output coupler as the two end mirrors. In dual-comb operation, the initially unpolarized beam is split towards the semiconductor MIXSEL chip with an intracavity birefringent crystal. No active stabilization is required for dual-comb spectroscopy! This talk explains how this is possible, how well this works and for what it can be used.


Prof. Dr. Ursula Keller
Physics Department, ETH Zurich

curriculum vitae
Ursula Keller has been a professor of physics at ETH Zurich since 1993, and a director of the Swiss research program NCCR MUST in ultrafast science since 2010. Diplom at ETH Zurich in 1984, Ph.D. at Stanford University USA in 1989, a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs USA 1989 to 1993. Co-founder and board member for Time-Bandwidth Products (acquired by JDSU in 2014) and for GigaTera (acquired by Time-Bandwidth in 2003).

Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2019

17.00 - 18.00 Uhr  mit anschliessendem Apéro, sponsored by Swissphotonics NTN


NTB Buchs
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Werdenbergstrasse 4
9471 Buchs SG

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