Conference on Nanophotonics

Sonntag/Sunday, 01.09.2019, Ascona, TI


Nanophotonics: Foundations and Applications

The 2019 Monte Verita conference focuses on both fundamental studies and on applications that emerged during the last years. The program will include new research directions, such as topological photonics and optoelectronics of low-dimensional materials. It will cover applications, such as high-speed modulation for data transmission or single photon sources for quantum information processing. The objective of the 2019 Monte Verita conference is to bring together experts from different subfields of nanophotonics and to provide an interdisciplinary platform for discussing synergies, opportunities, and new directions.

The program consists of multiple themed sessions, headlined by world-renowned experts in their field, as well as four evening poster sessions. An excursion including a conference dinner is also planned.

1.-6. September 2019

Fondazione Monte Verità
Strada Collina 84
6612 Ascona TI



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