Photonics in Industrial Production

Mittwoch/Wednesday, 28.11.2018, BUAS


Photonics in Industrial Production:
- How light is making us rethink industrial processes
- How the photon is giving a second youth to the electron

Photonic technologies with the LASER as their most significant representative, are dramatically changing and improving many industrial processes. Light, and hence photonics, has become an essential part of almost any mechanical or electrical system.

The innumerable applications and products based on optics all rely on being able to control light and its properties from the tiny single photon level to the petawatt range and to interface it to mechanical and electrical engineering products.

However, to be able to fully exploit its potential, photonic techniques need to sustainably enter the industrial production halls in an effective and enduring way. To that end Education has to adequately prepare the next generation of students and future actors in industry; research has to pay more attention to these emerging opportunities and has to gain access to appropriate dedicated support; industry, as a result, has to show a high dynamism, creativity and innovativeness  a sense .

Congratulations to Arthur Ashkin, Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland on their Nobel prize in physics 2018 for their work in the field of laser applications. It best testifies the importance of light in our society.
Illustration: Niklas Elmehed

This life cycle of photonics: education research development of innovative applications and products is the topic of this workshop.

In the first part examples of laser based processes with large application areas – cutting and white metal coating – are reported and the implications on teaching and researching at university level is discussed. In the second part of the workshop the Digitalisation Impulse Program of the Swiss Confederation, which now includes also photonics, as well as a White Paper on photonics are presented.

In this second part it is envisaged to discuss in groups possible consortial themes leading to research activities in the field of photonics.

This workshop is part of the General Assembly of Swissphotonics NTN 2018

28. November 2018

10:30 Registration GA
11:00 GA
12:00 Lunch

13:30 Photonics in Industrial Production
15:15 Networking Break
15:45 From the White Paper to the Swiss Impulse Program
17:15 Discussion
17:30 Apéro riche sponsoring Swissphotonics NTN

BUAS Burgdorf
Bern University of Applied Sciences
Berner Fachhochschule BFH-TI
Pestalozzistrasse 20
3400 Burgdorf BE


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This workshop is free of charge

Contact BUAS
Prof. Dr. Valerio Romano
Institute for Applied Laser, Photonics and Surface Technologies ALPS
+41 34 426 42 54

Contact Swissphotonics
Dr. Christoph S. Harder
President Swissphotonics NTN
+41 79 219 90 51

22. October 2018, Beni Muller + Iris Bollinger
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Dr. Christoph S. Harder; President Swissphotonics NTN, 8832 Wollerau SZ Moderation Icon (55 KB) 
Peter Brunner; Head of Technology Transfer, Bern University of Applied Sciences BUAS, 2501 Biel / Bienne BE Welcome address Icon (55 KB) 
Prof. Dr. Valerio Romano; Professor for photonics; head of Appl. Fiber Technology Lab, Institute for Applied Laser, Photonics and Surface Technologies ALPS, BUAS, 3400 Burgdorf BE Photonics: the discipline that is making manufacturing smart Icon (55 KB) 
Dr. Gilbert Schiltges; Head Development Cutting, Bystronic Laser AG, 3362 Niederoenz BE Lasers for cutting: old challenges – modern solutions Icon (55 KB) 
Prof. Roland Hungerbühler; Head Mechanical Engineering, BUAS, 3400 Burgdorf BE Der Laser in der Prozesstechnik Icon (55 KB) 
Thorsten Kramer; Additive Manufacturing ALPS
Dr. Hossein Najafi; R&D Project Manager, ALPS, BUAS, 3400 Burgdorf BE
In situ metal alloying by Direct Metal Deposition Icon (55 KB) 
Fouad Cheaitani; SVSXASS Quality & Inspection / Consultant, Consultant welding Engineering and Laser Technology, expert in Laser Cladding and Surface Technology, Stellba AG, 5605 Dottikon AG Lasers in High performance coating technology: a success story Icon (55 KB) 
Werner Krüsi; Leiter Fachgruppe Photonik, Swissmem 8005 Zürich; US Managing Director of FISBA US, Tucson, Arizona, USA The White Paper Photonics Switzerland – Background, Intentions – Action Items Icon (55 KB) 
Dr. Christoph S. Harder; President Swissphotonics NTN Presentation of the Swiss Digitalisation Impulse Program Icon (55 KB) 
4 parallel groups; Project applications for the digitalisation action plan of Innosuisse 2019-2020 Elaboration of project proposal ideas Icon (55 KB) 
Prof. Dr. Andreas Ettemeyer; Prorektor Interstaatliche Hochschule für Technik Buchs NTB, 9471 Buchs SG ► Head group A Icon (55 KB) 
Prof. Dr. Valerio Romano; Professor for photonics ► Head group B Icon (55 KB) 
Dr. Rolando Ferrini; Coordinator of the Swissphotonics SSSL; Section Head Micro-Nano Optics and Photonics of CSEM SA, 4132 Muttenz BL ► Head group C Icon (55 KB) 
Prof. Dr. Patrik Hoffmann; Head Laboratory Advanced Materials Processing, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology EMPA, 3602 Thun BE ► Head group D Icon (55 KB) 
Prof. Dr. Beat Neuenschwander; Expert Innosuisse; Laser Surface Engineering, ALPS, BUAS, 3400 Burgdorf BE Plenary Discussion Swiss Impulse Programme Icon (55 KB) 
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