SUPSI Industry Day 2017

Freitag/Friday, 06.10.2017, Lugano Canobbio TI


The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland SUPSI, in collaboration with the Swiss Research Platform in Photo Voltaics SRPV of Swissphotonics NTN, organizes its first SUPSI Industry Day in Lugano-Canobbio to present the testing and research activities of the PV group, as well as the cooperation with its partners.
Participants will have the chance to discuss with professionals about a number of topics concerning quality in photovoltaics.
Moreover, the SUPSI PVLab will offer the unique opportunity to test PV modules free of charge (limited number of test slots available, max 15 companies).


Special pre conference event
On Thursday 5th October 2017 10:00-17:00 - Modules Test
Free testing of 15 PV modules: we offer the unique opportunity for companies to test their modules for free (one module per company) at the PVlab
Contact: SUPSI-ISAAC, PVLab, Campus Trevano, 6952 Canobbio (Switzerland)
T 058 666 62 31
M 079 521 80 09
Registration required ! (first come, first served)


SUPSI Industry Day 2017:

PV Testing for quality

06. October 2017


Aula Magna

Aula Magna
Campus Trevano
Via Trevano
6952 Lugano Canobbio TI

Public transport
TPL linea 3, Centro-Pregassona > fermata Stadio
TPL linea 4, Centro-Canobbio, > fermata Canobbio Centro Studi
ARL linea 633, Lugano-Canobbio-Tesserete > fermata Canobbio Centro Studi
ARL linea 441, Lugano-Canobbio-Lamone > fermata Canobbio Centro Studi

Private means
Uscita Lugano Nord; direzione Ospedale; Stadio Cornaredo; Trevano-Canobbio.

No parking is available at SUPSI
Car Park

09:00 Registration + Welcome Coffee (Sponsoring Swissphotonics)
10:00 Workshop - first part
12:30 Lunch (Sponsoring Swissphotonics)
13:30 PVLab visit
14:30 Workshop - second part
16:00 Apéro riche (Sponsoring Swissphotonics)

Conference language

The workshop is free of charge

This Workshop is free of charge, but Online Registration is required.

Event management
Adrianna Righetti
T 058 666 63 58

Mauro Caccivio
Head of Photovoltaic Systems Quality Team
M 079 521 80 09
T 058 666 62 31

Prof. Dr. Frank Alain Nüesch
T 058 765 47 40

Contact Swissphotonics NTN
Dr. Christoph S. Harder
President Swissphotonics
T 079 219 90 51

10.10.2017 Jennifer Pelikan + Beni Muller

Icon Registration
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Davide Rivola; Head of Energy Systems Sector, Institute for Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment ISAAC, SUPSI, Campus Trevano, Canobbio 6952 TI Moderation Icon Rivola (204 KB) 
Dr. Roman Rudel; Director ISAAC, SUPSI, Campus Trevano Welcome Icon (49 KB) 
Mauro Caccivio; Head of Photovoltaic Systems Quality Team, ISAAC, SUPSI, Campus Trevano SUPSI PVLab - Quality, Research and Testing Icon Caccivio 1 (1.85 MB) 
Giovanni Bellenda; Scientific collaborator ISAAC, SUPSI, Campus Trevano New IEC standards for PV modules qualification, design and safety: impact on quality and reliability Icon Bellenda 1 (641 KB) 
Gabi Friesen; Researcher ISAAC, SUPSI, Campus Trevano PVQUAL: a project on the quality of PV Systems in Switzerland Icon Friesen (1.36 MB) 
Mauro Caccivio; ISAAC, SUPSI, Campus Trevano Collaborations: SUPSI with SPF & CSEM Icon Caccivio 2 (411 KB) 
Prof. Christof Biba; Erneuerbare Energien und Umwelttechnik, Institutspartner SPF, Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil HSR, Fachhochschule Ostschweiz FHO, 8640 Rapperswil SG Interaction of two accredited test labs: a field report Icon Biba (6.29 MB) 
Gianluca Cattaneo; R&D Engineer at CSEM SA, 2000 Neuchâtel A bottom up approach for customized and highly reliable encapsulation material Icon Cattaneo (1.63 MB) 
Thomas Schott; Laboratory for Photovoltaic Systems, Berne University of Applied Sciences BUAS, 3400 Burgdorf BE Long term monitoring of 25 years old PV plants Icon Schott (1.77 MB) 
Rubén Roldán Molinero; Researcher Energy Systems Sector ISAAC, SUPSI, Campus Trevano Advanced metrology for the characterization of solar modules Icon Molinero (485 KB) 
Dr. Eng. Francesco Frontini; Head of Building System Sector, Swiss BiPV competence Center, ISAAC, SUPSI, Campus Trevano Perspectives of quality applied to BiPV sector Icon Frontini (9.66 MB) 
Dr. Eng. Pierluigi Bonomo; Researcher – Head of Innovative Building Envelope TeamBiPV Competence Centre, ISAAC, SUPSI, Campus Trevano Perspectives of quality applied to BiPV sector Icon Bonomo (9.66 MB) 
Gianluca Corbellini; Photovoltaic Systems Expert ISAAC, SUPSI, Campus Trevano Insun: fast and accurate 3D design tool for PV systems Icon Corbellini (2.7 MB) 
Dr. Christoph Kirsch; Research associate at the Institute of Computational Physics ICP, ZHAW, 8401 Winterthur ZH Feasibility study on innovative methodology for PV modules failure detection Icon Kirsch (476 KB) 
Giovanni Bellenda; ISAAC, SUPSI, Campus Trevano Feasibility study on innovative methodology for PV modules failure detection Icon Bellenda 2 (1.31 MB) 
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