SimOEP '16 conference

Mittwoch/Wednesday, 14.09.2016, Winterthur

International Conference on Simulation of Organic Electronics and Photovoltaics, SimOEP 2016
Sept. 14-16, Winterthur

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The SimOEP conference brings together modeling experts and device physicists from industry and academia in the field of organic and perovskite solar cells as well as OLEDs. The addressed topics include charge and heat transport, exciton dynamics, light propagation and the simulation domain ranges from nanometer to centimeters.

  • Light management for enhanced light-absorption in solar cells and enhanced light emission in OLEDs
  • Charge and exciton transport modeling in organic semiconductor devices – from molecular to the device level
  • Charge transport modeling in various organic and hybrid solar cells: 
  • planar and bulk heterojunction perovskite and organic solar cells
  • Charge injection, transport and recombination processes in state-of-the-art OLEDs
  • Models for a variety of electrical device characterization techniques from DC, transient to AC operation
  • Advanced optical and electrical characterization techniques and experimental validation
  • Parameter extraction techniques
  • Morphological structure and property correlation
  • Optimization of Transparent Conducting Electrode
Program details

September 14 - 16

Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Building TS (enter through building TN), Rooms TS O1.40 and O2.44
Lagerhausstrasse 1
8400 Winterthur
(Detailed map on conference website)

  • 250 CHF for PhD and Master students (+ 25 CHF surcharge for invoice payment)
  • 350 CHF for senior scientists (+ 25 CHF surcharge for invoice payment)
  • Workshops by Fluxim AG are free-of-charge (see program details)

Contact at ZHAW
Prof. Dr. Beat Ruhstaller
ZHAW School of Engineering 
Wildbachstrasse 21 
8400 Winterthur
+41 (0) 58 934 78 36 

Christoph S. Harder
President Swissphotonics
+41 79 219 90 51

Sponsored by Fluxim, SFOE and Swissphotonics


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