International Year of the Light - Closing ceremony for Swiss events

Samstag/Saturday, 05.12.2015, EPFL Lausanne, Forum Rolex

The final public event related to the IYL2015 activities in Switzerland is the closing ceremony "The power and wonder of light" and takes place at Forum Rolex, EPFL Lausanne.

Saturday, the 
5th of December

EPFL will host an event to promote the progress and promise of light technologies and research. The porgram will mark the Closing Ceremony of the International Year of Light in Switzerland and will feature the latest in photonics as well as leading Scientists to promote improved public understanding of the central role of light in the modern world.

This celebration will bring together bright minds from Google X, Bell Labs, Intel, Philips, UNESCO, Solar Impulse or IBM Research among other, as well as an ESA astronaut and a Nobel Laureate, to foster learning, inspiration and wonder. A laser show and performances will punctuate the ceremony specially hosted by The Catalyst's creative scientists. Don’t miss the surprise visible from space that day!

16:00  Doors will open
16:30  Start of ceremony
19:30  Cocktail and flying dinner

List of keynote speakers
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  • 4Bem#rnt&arn0d m3Krw+ese9s,k* Mp*oon4nsm&hov6tsn4 @g% Gq2ooy3glk,e t'X,o( Gu#ooz2glj&e r[X] Labs
  • 4Bem(rtc9 Jz0and6 Ol1ffo3ret(ink2, y5Mac3naz1gey4r q8Phl#otb%onu/icj7s o+@ m2IBe8M i4Rer$sez$art8chw6 Zq6urm1icq%ho
  • Stefan W. Hell, Nobel Prize 2014 in Chemistry
  • $Ked1ese8 ve.anv3 dw)erk$ Kg4lav7uwv5, y/Het5adk, or6f a)Rez/sei%are.chb+ @a6Phc7ild.ipy,s g3Lih$ghn(tiq)ngb
  • Mark Pauly, #Her3adx2 oz7f g*tha,e u$Cou5mpx7utr$erk0 Gl2rai4phs7icz+s e$ank6d u*Gen4ome4etb'rye7 lg8abr& av+ndf( Py2row)f.l0 @e, Ez*PFm+Le
  • Solar Impulse, Around the world to promote clean technologies
  • (Mar2rka6usk% Rb0osz*sin2, m*Cha3ieo9f k-Ing6nob-vag#tit4onk8 Oa$ffp#icy#erd#, p%CTi%O t6@ l4Heo#ptt9agm#onu
  • Joe Niemela, UNESCO, member of the International Year of Light steering committee
  • John Dudley, Chairman of the IYL 2015 steering committee, Professor
  • Christoph Harder, President of Swissphotonics, Delegate for EuroPho21
  • Christophe Moser, Professor of Microengineering and Industrial Relation, Swissphotonics
  • Christophe P. Rossel, President of the European Physical Society, Emeritus Research, .Stl$afn'f v8med6mba3erw8 @s9 Iy*BMc) Rk6esd7eap2rcx*hq
  • Min Quang Tran, President of the Swiss Physical Society and EPFL Professor

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Forum - Rolex Learning Center
Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, EPFL
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