Frontiers in Nanophotonics

Sonntag/Sunday, 30.08.2015, Monte Verità

ETH Conference Frontiers in Nanophotonics
30. August - 4 September 2015


The elements of nanophotonics are spread across disciplines, ranging from quantum optics to solid-state physics. The objective of the “Frontiers in Nanophotonics” conference is to bring the scientists and engineers in this rapidly expanding field together and to provide an interdisciplinary platform for discussing synergies, opportunities, and new directions.

Sensing Nanophotonic Materials Plasmonics Cavity Optomechanics Theoretical Nano-Optics Integrated Nanophotonics Near-field Optics Quantum Emitter Control Metamaterials Trapping and Control

Congressi Stefano Franscini (CSF)
Monte Verità Conference Center
Fondazione Monte Verità
Strada Collina 84
6612 Ascona TI

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Prof. Dr. Lukas Novotny
ETH Photonics Laboratory

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Beni Muller, 31. March 2015
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