SNOS - Swiss National lab for Optical Sensors

​We offer advice, application help and solutions in applied optical technologies. Sophisticated optical technologies allow for new applications in numerous fields like Precision Machinery, Safety & Security Systems and Life Sciences, which are of major importance for the Swiss economy. 

Our services cover
  • Optical metrology
  • ​Development of optical sensors
  • Gas sensing
  • Identifying new technologies and new applications
  • Dedicated workshops and information meetings
The close cooperation of complementary institutions allows for providing services that require specialized expertise or equipment, which extends beyond the scope of a single institution. Insofar, we can provide a Single-Point-of-Contact for the customer and yet offering diverse services for varied applications. The customer does not have to tie up valuable development resources for coordination tasks amongst research institutions.


​We aim to serve any industry, since novel optical technologies may be applicable in many currently unknown fields — we are open to any challenge. SMEs usually do not have the means, expertise or finances at hand to undertake complicated investigations in novel technologies. SNOS will be instrumental in closing this gap. We are there to assist Swiss SMEs in finding the best available solution that fulfills their specific needs, in order to increase their international competitiveness.





Lukas Novotny
+41 44 633 05 15

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