Photonics21: Strategic Research Agenda

Photonics21 developped, based on the input of all seven workgroups, the Photonics21 Strategic Roadmap 2014-2020 (PDF, 2.58 MB). This roadmap is an important input towards formulating the calls in Photonics of Horizon2020. The innovation agenda is thus driven top-down by the roadmap addressing the societal challenges.

Swissphotonics: National Laboratories

Switzerland has two major differences with respect to the EU Horizon2020 innovation activities: Switzerland does not have top down research programs with respective calls, but has a bottom up approach in selecting and funding projects. In addition, Switzerland funds innovation only at research institutions whereas the EU funds innovation programs also at companies. The innovation agenda in Switzerland is driven opportunistically.

GMP SA Photonics Prize 2019

Active on the Swiss photonics market for 40 years, GMP SA based in Renens and present in Zürich has decided on its anniversary, to contribute to the promotion of the Swiss scientific research in this field. To that end GMP SA for the third time in its existence, will launch a GMP Photonics Prize.
Flyer GMP Photonics Prize 2019 (1.15 MB)

Thus we cannot duplicate in Switzerland the EU approach of "strategic roadmap/calls for projects".
Swissphotonics supports SMEs and research instituitions in their innovation activities with four different tools:
  1. Support of active collaboration in Photonics21 workgroups and support to access EU top down funding
  2. Workshops to find matching partners between research institutions and companies to solve a problem and to find bottom up funding to do so
  3. Formation and support of "National Laboratories" which bring the research institutions on specific topics together for coordination among themselves and for optimized support of SMEs
  4. Working together with the Swissmem specialist group "Photonics"
These different tools have been created based on an analysis of the unique situation in Switzerland Swiss Strategic Research Agenda Vs7 (PDF, 1.98 MB)
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