SUPSI PVLab Industry Days

Mon, 29.11. – Tue, 30.11.2021, online


Quality of Production and Production of Energy

The reduction to zero of net CO2 emissions strongly depends on the capacity of photovoltaics to produce energy at competitive costs and with a fair impact to the environment. For this reason the pursue of long life PV systems with low annual loss rates is so important. Reaching 40/50 years of life is a challenge that needs to be addressed with quality of materials and installations.

In the first webinar proposed by SUPSI in the frame of Industry day(s) entitled Quality of production, we will talk with international experts to deepen the concept with real cases, failures and performance analysis at different levels.

The day after in the webinar entitled Production of energy we will concentrate on the precise monitoring of energy production, going beyond the increase in efficiency at module level and considering the real performances of different situations at BIPV and large scale level. The new SUPSI PVLab roof and the monitoring of new technologies,



Monday, 29 November 2021 - Tuesday, 30 November 2021

16:00 - 18:00 (CET)


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25 November 2021, Beni Muller + Iris Bollinger

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