Neuromorphic Photonics - Optical Computing: emerging approaches and applications

Fri, 28.04.2023, EPFL Lausanne

We invite to a workshop on

Neuromorphic Photonics

EPFL and Swissphotonics are organizing a two-day workshop on Neuromorphic Photonics to take place at EPFL in Lausanne Switzerland on 27-28.4.2023. Usually these workshops attract an audience of about 40-60 people with a strong industry participation and are a good occasion for stimulating discussions. Whereas the first day deals with Complex Lasers, the second day is devoted to Optical Computing.

Day 2 - Optical Computing: emerging approaches and applications
Research in photonic computing has accelerated in the last couple of years and is now increasingly considered for machine learning thanks to its intrinsic scalability, speed, and low power consumption. Several companies have been founded in the last couple of years to harness the potential of optics for computing. Algorithms running on such new hardware have the potential to address the growing demand for machine learning and artificial intelligence in areas such as medical diagnosis, telecommunications, and high-performance and scientific computing. The purpose of Day two of this two-day workshop is to bring the most up to date development in this exciting field, from both leading Academics and Companies. It is organized by Prof. Christophe Moser (EPFL).

The participation is free of charge, but registration is mandatory, separately for the two days!

Welcome coffee 9h00 coffee - croissants 9h45
Welcome (Kirsten/Chris) 9h50 10h00
Daniel Brunner, FEMTO-ST institute 10h00 10h25 + 5min Q&A
Bert Offrein, IBM Zurich 10h30 10h55 + 5 min Q&A
George Giamougiannis, Aristotle University, Greece 11h00 11h25 + 5 min Q&A
  noon lunch break  
Kilian Muller – Head of photonics R&D , Light On 13h15 13h40 + 5 min Q&A
Mustaf Yildirim, EPFL  13h45 14h10 + 5 min Q&A
Thomas Van Vaerenbergh, HP Labs 14h15 14h40 + 5 min Q&A
Ilker Oguz, EPFL 15h45 15h25 + 5 min Q&A
Networking Conclusions - refreshments  

28 April, 2023

All day

EPFL Lausanne
Auditorium BM 5202, see EPFL - PLAN

Accomodation is availabe at a special price at the Starling Hotel situated at EPFL.
Place the reservation here using the “corporate code” EPFL1025 .
Please make sure to choose the correct rate EPFL as some of the other rates are prepaid and nonrefundable and non-modifiable.

Support from the EPFL School of engineering is gratefully acknowledged.

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All participants are expected to adhere to the highest professional standards.

Contact EPFL
Prof. Christophe Moser

Contact Swissphotonics
Dr. Christian Bosshard
Managing Director Swissphotonics
+61 455 957 792

5 March 2023, Christian Bosshard
Bert Offrein, IBM Zurich
New technological concepts for enhancing the power-efficiency of artificial neural networks
Daniel Brunner, FEMTO-ST institute
Towards scalable and autonomous Photonic Neural Networks
Kilian Muller – Head of Photonics R&D, Light On
Optical linear random projections without holography
Ilker Oguz, EPFL
High-efficiency learning machines with programmed optical propagation
Mustaf Yildirim, EPFL
Nonlinear Transform using Integrated Waveguide for Machine Learning
Thomas Van Vaerenbergh, Hewlett Packard Labs
The fight against the footprint of photonic devices in neuromorphic computing – architecture is all you need
George Giamougiannis, Aristotle University
Universal linear optics for neuromorphic computing
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