Lunch Chat: Real Time Eye Gaze

Tue, 14.06.2022, online


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Real Time Eye Gaze Tracking for Human Machine Interaction in the Cockpit

The Aeronautics industry has pioneered safety from digital checklists to moving maps that improve pilot situational awareness. Today, pilots deal with increasingly complex cockpit environments and air traffic densification. Here we present an intelligent vision system, which allows real-time human-machine interaction in the cockpits to reduce pilot’s workload. 
The challenges for such a vision system include extreme change in background light intensity, large field-of-view and variable working distances. Adapted hardware, use of state-of-the-art computer vision techniques and machine learning algorithms in eye gaze detection allow a smooth, and accurate real-time feedback system. 

The algorithmic pipeline for eye gaze tracking was developed and iteratively optimized to obtain the speed and accuracy required for the aviation use cases. The pipeline, which is a combination of data-driven and analytics approaches, runs in real time at 60 fps. The eye gaze tracking accuracy goes down to less than 1° for the cockpit instruments towards which an accurate eye gaze was required according to the use cases


Dr. Sareh Saeedi
Sareh Saeedi is a Project Manager in the Edge AI & vision group at CSEM. She has received her PhD in electrical engineering from EPFL in 2016. She continued her work as a research engineer coordinator at Nissan in 2017, until she joined CSEM in 2018, where she works as a data scientist and project manager. Her research areas include computer vision and machine learning, focusing especially on resource limited or constrained environments, for a range of applications including facial analysis and recognition, as well as human computer interaction through eye gaze tracking and gesture recognition


Dr. Christian Bosshard, Managing Director Swissphotonics
Dr. Christian Bosshard received his degree in Physics (1986) and his doctorate (1991, Silver medal award) from ETH. From 2001-2021 he was working at CSEM, first as Section Head and then as Vice President and Head Photonics. Since 2013 he is Managing Director of Swissphotonics. Christian is a Fellow of Optica, Board Member of EPIC, and Member of the Board of the University of Basel.

Tuesday, 14 June 2022

12:00 - 12:45


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Dr. Sareh Saeedi
Project Manager at CSEM

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