Impact of Physics on Swiss Society

SPS Focus is a publication series of the Swiss Physical Society where a single topic is presented and placed in focus for a broader audience, hence its name. The series is published irregularly and addresses topics that are of broad impact and interest.

The Swiss society and economy is healthy. Trust in the Swiss franc has remained stable over decades. Switzerland fared well through the last global recession in 2008 - 2011. These facts are linked to an impressive diversity of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) - focusing on different niche markets. No recession or technological leap can wipe out all industrial sectors. Switzerland also has a vibrant start-up and entrepreneurial scene that ensures a continuous flow of innovative companies. As such, we can expect economic growth to continue in the decades to come.

A key message of this SPS Focus issue is that medium size enterprises can benefit from physics educated employees that can bring innovation and adaptation skills. Investment in innovation is crucial for the global Swiss economy as well as individual enterprises.

Innovation has been and continues to be key for any trading nation or empire. The most innovative nations are those with the best education systems. As such, there is a direct link between education, innovation potential and trading power. Investment in education and research is therefore a strategy to foster innovation and with that the trading potential. With this SPS Focus, we describe how physics contributes to education and research that strengthen our innovation index. Specifically photonics, quantum technologies and material science are of prime importance.

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14 September 2022, Christian Bosshard

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