Swissphotonics is the Swiss NTN (National Thematic Network) for photonics. It is the declared goal of Swissphotonics to improve the competitiveness of its members through the support of the innovation forces.
  • Swissphotonics serves the full field of photonics, including material processing with a laser beam, photonic manufacturing, imaging, photonic life science, optical communication, photovoltaics and illumination.
  • Swissphotonics serves companies, research organisations, and universities in the field of photonics from basic science over applied science, technology development, manufacturing and selling of photonic components and applications. We support the industry and research institutes in finding research partners and funding.
  • Swissphotonics supports the networking within Switzerland and establishes international contacts, within Europe (Photonics21, EPIC) and worldwide (OSA, IOA)
  • Swissphotonics works with Swissmem to support innovation in photonics
Swissphotonics is a non-profit association, registered under "Verein Schweizer Laser und Photonik Netz". The activities of Swissphotonics are supported by the Swiss innovation promotion agency CTI under the NTN initiative.
Verein Schweizer Laser und Photonik Netz  |  Sihleggstrasse 23  |  CH-8832 Wollerau  |  E-Mail