Top down funding


Switzerland is funding research and dvelopment up to TRL6 with up to 800Mio. CHF/year at institutes AND companies with cash through the Horizon2020 top down programs.
Horizon2020 has earmarked 700Mio€ (i.e. 100Mio€/year) for Photonics. In Switzerland we can thus expect to get 5 to 10Mio CHF/year funding of Photonics at reserach institutes (will be paid now directly from Bern) and companies (company funding is at the moment not secured).
Such top down programs are based on calls and you can find out about funding opportunities here

The submission will be evaluated by international experts, thus it is important to highlight the value of the proposal to Switzerland as well as Europe. It is new that now projects up to TRL6 (prototype demo!, i.e. beyond technology development) are funded.
Euresearch is supporting you and informs Euresearch info (2016)  (2.19 MB) you about Horizon2020 and other EU programs and Euresarch has prodcued a map, listing all Swiss companies in Horizon2020 projects.

Update: The financing for Horizon2020 programs is secured for academia AND industry (see eureseach update). 

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Switzerland also funds pilot lines through the European public-private partnership eniac.
Swissphotonics has prepared a summary with respect to photonics: Ecsel ju And Photonics Overview (PDF, 1.48 MB)



Switzerland also funds manufacturing industry in the ERA-NET program MANUNET through CTI: Call for proposals 2016



The Swiss National Foundation has also regular calls for bringing basic research results towards application (funding precompetitive research)
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