SNOP - Swiss National Optics Platform

We offer advice, application help and solutions in applied optical technologies.

Our services cover
  • Optical coatings
  • Micro optics
  • Optical metrology for surfaces, length, time and frequency
  • Optical components and systems
The close cooperation of three complementary institutes allows for providing services that require specialized expertise or equipment, which extends beyond the scope of a single institution. Unique apparatuses will be shared amongst the optics platform team. 

We hold workshops and dedicated information meetings like the following
  • Rheintal Photonics Roundtable (twice a year in Buchs)
  • Microtechnic Meeting (once a year in Neuchâtel)
  • Produktions-Messtechnik in der Praxis (every second year in Buchs)
  • Photonik Kolloquium (every month in Buchs)

Although a traditional focus of Applied Optical Technology is in Metrology, Machine Vision and Imaging, we aim to serve any industry, since novel Technologies may be applicable in many currently unknown fields. We are open to any challenge.






Dr. Oliver Fähnle
Oliver Fähnle
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