Photonics Education - SEPP (Swiss Education Platform in Photonics)

We shall provide a coordinated approach to establish a Swiss wide Photonics Education on Master and Bachelor level that covers a comprehensive range of theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills. Industry needs will be identified, addressed accordingly, prioritized and implemented to meet those needs. In the end, we will have established a filled pipeline of highly skilled and motivated students who can be employed in any industry that uses Photonics technologies.
Predominantly the Swiss SME Photonics industry as well as any related industry that applies Photonics technologies as parts of their products.
University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur
CAS Image Processing
Certificate of Advanced Studies in Image Processing

University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur
CAS Optoelectronics
Certificate of Advanced Studies in Optoelectronics

Master in Photonics
I heard through the grapevine: there will be a master's degree in photonics as part of the MSE. More on this page soon. Stay tuned.

28. January 2019, Beni Muller + Iris Bollinger


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