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Unisense, Denmark, is a world leading manufacturer of sensor systems for microscale measurement and industrial monitoring. We are an R&D performing SME with existing sales channels and market access. The sensor systems are sold to researchers and industrial users worldwide. Our strategy is to adapt the bare sensor systems to more user-friendly system for demanding environmental and industrial monitoring situations. This strategy builds on 20 years of know-how related to sensors and measuring situations. The company are today occupying 35 employees with 20 of those having a PhD degree.

Unisense has identified a market opportunity within the environmental monitoring and regulator sector, largely governed by the EU Water Framework Directive. At the current technology level Unisense is capable of measuring a range of parameters and has developed low-power field dataloggers.

For a Eurostars project proposal (cut-off late February 2019) Unisense seeks partners to develop
  1. mass produced nitrogen species sensors based on low-cost optical fibers & liquid ion exchanger.
  2. Low-power field datalogger with integrated GPS and data links, and
  3. partners with cloud-based/IOT environmental monitoring & modelling platforms.
The aim is to build expertise in low-cost ammonia and nitrates sensors in order to produce cost efficient and dispersible environmental monitoring solutions.

Unisense will be leading the project and be responsible for the development of the new sensor bundle development and associated field equipment, eventually sold at least through Unisense and partners.

Unisense will need to partner with at least one SME and at least one university to accelerate the development of the optical and liquid ion exchange-based sensors. Unisense hope to identify one of several in Switzerland & Germany.


Contact Innosuisse
Emile Dupont
+41 58 468 65 00

Contact Swissphotonics
Dr. Christoph S. Harder
President Swissphotonics NTN
+41 79 219 90 51

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