KIAT-Innosuisse call



Pre-Announcment: We promote innovative projects between South Korean and Swiss partners

The Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) and the Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse) are launching a new call in 2018 for joint innovation projects between Switzerland and South Korea.

Who is the call aimed at?

  • The call for joint innovation projects is aimed at companies and research institutions in Switzerland and South Korea (consortia) looking to carry out a joint science-based innovation project.
  • It is aimed for Swiss and South Korean companies which see the two countries as a major market and research location; and which want to take advantage of the benefit from KIAT and Innosuisse funding.
  • The Call is open for all topics. However projects in following topics are particularly appreciated:

Biotech; Medtech
Renewable Energy; Mobility
Digitalisation; Industry 4.0; IoT
Additive Manufacturing
Smart Materials / Innovative surfaces
Augmented and Virtual Reality

What conditions apply?

This is an international, bilateral funding measure subject to the funding rules of KIAT and the Innosuisse.
The application forms from KIAT and from Innosuisse must both be submitted in English language.

The following dates are set for the call for tenders:

Opening of the call 23. April 2018
Deadline for submitting an application 10. August 2018
Evaluation of the requests September 2018
Consensus-Meetings 1. till 5. October 2018
Announcement of the results 16. till 19. October 2018

For further details, please read the Pre-Announcement Bilateral Call Southkorea Switzerland

You will find further information at: International projects by partners in South Korea and Switzerland

Contact Innosuisse

Alain Dietrich
Head of KTT and Information Dissemination
T +41 58 464 92 87

Barbara Pfluger
Scientific Officer
T +41 58 462 06 96

Contact KIAT

Yongsang Jo
T +82 2 6009 3184

Somie Yoon
T +82 2 6009 3181

Contact Swissphotonics

Dr. Christoph S. Harder
President Swissphotonics NTN
+41 79 219 90 51

18. June 2018, Beni Muller + Iris Bollinger

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