Swissphotonics is committed to cleaning up all industry
  • Using the abundant solar power (i.e. our SRPV Swiss National Photonics Laboratory) with careful commercial full costing and cradle to grave CO2 life cycle considerations 
  • The optical internet which reduces travel and its related issues
  • Photonic manufacturing which reduces energy consumption and waste during production
  • New processing techniques which allow for lighter structures (cars, airplanes and bridges) which reduces waste of energy
Swissphotonics does not distinguish between "Cleantech" industry and "dirtytech" industry, rather we support a cleantech initiative which makes all processes cleaner. We are opposed to "carbon trading" and carbon taxes and support rather carbon dividends. Swissphotonics considers measured CO2 output as the figure of merit for cleantech and has organized several workshops dedicated to these initiatives and plans to continue this series.
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