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The photonic industry plays an important role in Switzerland with a direct revenue of more than 4 billion SFr, Optech Consulting-Photonik Schweiz 2014 (PDF, 176 KB)ranking second per capita in Europe.

Support of innovation at companies

The Swiss Federal government spends up to 5Bio CHF/year in education and innovation (Swiss Federal Innovation Funding (PDF, 161 KB)), most programs are dedicated to research but there are at least two innovation funding sources of interest for companies. 

  • Bottom up programs: CTI (100Mio CHF/year): Project requests need to include at least one company and one research institute. CTI is funding the research at institute up to matching the R&D investment of the company. Cash support by company is desired but not always a requirement. Projects on any topic can be submitted anytime. CTI supports also start-ups with coaching and training.
  • Top down programs: Via EU (Horizon 2020, ESA, etc 800Mio/year): Swiss federal government finances R&D at Swiss companies and research institutions based on top down programs as decided by "Brussels". As the total direct cash going into R&D funding of Swiss companies is estimated to be above 100Mio CHF/year this funding source has become very important.  
The Aramis database gives an overview of projectsSwissphotonics supports its members to have access to these fundings

Swiss National Application Laboratories

Services for one topic are provided in Switzerland by several research institutions. Thus it can be difficult for an SME to contact the appropriate research institution. In order to improve the service for SMEs we have founded several Swiss National Application Laboratories which serve as a one stop shop.

Swissphotonics supports member companies:

Swissphotonics can support you and your company! We offer to our members free of charge:
  • Workshops: Workshops to bring research and industry together
  • Matching partner: Support to find a matching research institute
  • Public innovation funding: Support to find governmental funding
  • Market data: Access to international photonics networks and to market data and reports.
  • Financing of companies: SLN establishes contact with equity and dept-equity sources  
  • Patents: SLN can give first level support for intellectual property questions

Swissphotonics issues seed money check

Swissphotonics supports also members with a seed money check (5000.- CHF) for selected projects. This check can be cashed in at any research institute in order to prepare a CTI submission. Just send in your short description of the project or just state your problem (200 to 400 words to 0ind2fov9@sn9wiv4ssx4phv3otp2onn/icy*s.j'nef6tu ) and the SLN board will decide within 2 weeks if the request can be honored with a seed money check.


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