SSOM Conference 2017

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Microscopy Conference 2017 in Lausanne 21-25 August
Co-organised by SSOM, ASEM and DGE (so-called “Dreiländertagung”)

Conference Program and Topics
The scientific program will offer a variety of plenary lectures, scientific and poster sessions as well as lunchtime lectures and workshops covering the following topics:

Instrumentation and Methods (IM)
IM 1: Advances in instrumentation and methods (session description)
IM 2: Environmental, in-situ and time-resolved microscopy (session description)
IM 3: Image analysis and handling of big data sets (session description)
IM 4: Quantification and modeling (session description)
IM 5: Spectroscopy in microscopy (session description)
IM 6: Tomography
IM 7: Phase-related techniques (session description)

Life Sciences (LS)
Important note: The topics of Life Sciences have changed! Please see the new titles below:
LS 1: Single particle EM, microscopy of membrane assemblies
LS 2: From cells to tissues: cellular electron tomography and imaging of large volumes (session description)
LS 3: Microorganisms, pathogens and EM in diagnostics (session description)
LS 4: Subcellular processes in plants and animal cells (session description)
LS 5: Cytoskeleton, cellular traffic and membrane dynamics
LS 6: Imaging techniques: X-ray microscopy, live/in vivo imaging and correlative approaches (session description)
LS 7: Advances in sample preparation and analysis (session description)

Materials Science (MS)
MS 1: Functional materials and semiconductors (session description)
MS 2: Interfaces and surfaces, coatings and thin films (session description)
MS 3: Energy-related materials (session description)
MS 4: Metals, alloys and intermetallics (session description)
MS 5: Carbon-based materials, soft matter and polymers (session description)
MS 6: Nanoparticles, 2D materials, nanocomposites and catalysts (session description)
MS 7: Ceramics, oxides and minerals (session description)

Microscopy Conference 2017

19.04.2017 Beni Mulller + Jennifer Pelikan

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